There are many costs involved in running an urban farm. Our wishlist contains everyday items ranging from washing up liquid to one-off purchases. We’re extremely grateful for any contribution you can make.

If you would like to make a general donation, please visit our JustGiving page. Donations enable us to run educational activities for children, offer voluntary experiences, maintain the farm, and take proper care of the animals.

Our Wishlist

Item Cost Notes and links
Hot Water Installation £600 One off item: We need to install hot water to our temporary farm kitchen. If you would be keen on supporting this project, here are two ways that you support – 1. You can provide the funds to be able to be able to purchase and install water. 2. Are you a trained electrician or do you have a friend wh who can install hot water? Let us know by emailing at farm@oasiswaterloo.org
Skip hire £300 One off item: Our site was previously derelict land that we’ve been converting into a beautiful urban farm. We have rubble and other waste that’s leftover from needs clearing. Each skip costs £300 to hire and we have 2-3 skip loads to take away.
Festoon Lighting 
Improve Drainage £2,512  As part of managing our farmyard animals, we are regularly pressure wash the area where they are kept. This creates a wash off that needs to be guided away. At present, we have a temporary soak-away arrangement, however, this is not suitable long-term. We need to employ a builder to connect our drainage channel to a sewage line (£516) and install a new drainage channel (£1,996) to reduce the risks of infection. Total: £2,512
Additional quotes pending.
Develop Outdoor Kitchen £2,768 To make our kitchen a more accessible and safer working environment, we need to enclose the sides of the kitchen and create a single entrance with a ramp and disinfectant mat. Once our barn is built, we will move our kitchen equipment into the barn, and use this space as a growing space and potting shed for growing activities. Donate via our JustGiving page by clicking here.
Blackboard Paint (500ml) £9.24 One off item: We need blackboard paint to make noticeboards on the farm that will explain information about the animals and plants. This item is on our Amazon Wishlist. Click here to view and order. 

Note that all costs include installation by an experienced builder if required.


If you would like to discuss sponsoring certain aspects of our work, such as Cook Clubs or our Farming, Family, and Therapy programme, please get in touch: farm@oasiswaterloo.org. If you would like to give a general donation, please click donate below.