Visiting the Farm

Oasis Farm Waterloo welcomes schools and educational charities to the farm to experience the transformative impacts of working with food and animals in a beautiful urban farm setting.

We specialise in supporting vulnerable young people who are at risk of social or academic exclusion. This includes young people who: 

  • Have difficulties building relationships with adults and peers 
  • Struggle to demonstrate positive behaviour; 
  • Are experiencing low self-esteem or poor mental health 
  • Show lack of engagement in school 

We are keen to meet the individual needs of children and staff and have the expertise to adapt our provision to meet specific needs. Please contact us to discuss any questions or suggestions you may have about a particular group.

We have the following offers for schools and educational charities:

1. Farming, Family and Therapy: Based on Jamie’s Farm’s unique provision of ‘Farming, Family & Therapy’ we offer a practical, fun and transformational learning opportunity. Weekly visits, typically for a minimum of 6 weeks. Click here to learn more.

2. Jamie’s Farm Legacy Programme: Delivered in partnership with Jamie’s Farm, this programme is for pupils that have attended a one-week intensive course in the countryside, or can prepare pupils before their residential trip. Click here to learn more.

3. Bespoke Farm Visits: We welcome young people to the farm for single visits, or multiple visits spaced throughout the year. These visits are often offered in school holidays, and we can sometimes also accommodate weekend bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What group sizes do you work with?

Typically we work with groups of no more than 9 young people at a time, to give time and space to work intensively with them and enable them to experience real, tangible jobs on the Farm. We can work with bigger groups, please contact us to discuss options.  

How long do visits last for? 

Normally groups come for around 2.5 hours on a recurring basis. Again this is flexible depending on your organisation’s needs.  

Do staff need to accompany young people to the farm? 

Yes we need at least a member of staff to stay with the young people when on the farm. We would encourage staff to get involved in the programme of activities whilst they are here. 

How do you evaluate the difference you are making? 

Our continuing evaluation shows that a visit to the Farm significantly improves pupils’ resilience, motivation and self-control. Click here to learn more about the way we track progress of young people attending the farm.