6 week course: Farming, Family and Therapy

Based on Jamie’s Farm’s unique provision of ‘Farming, Family & Therapy’ we offer a practical, fun and transformational learning opportunity over six weeks*. This programme is specifically aimed to help tackle challenging behaviours, engage children in academic life, improve their self-esteem and resilience.

Pupils increase their self-esteem, resilience and communication skills as they learn and practice self-care and care of others. We work with teachers on characteristic cards for each child, measuring behaviour and reporting the impact of this work at the end of the programme.

“Every Wednesday I always look forward to coming back to the farm. You always keep us safe and make us feel welcome. You do so much for me and are really nice people to be around. It’s nice having people to talk to and it makes me feel good when you understand. The people around me make me feel needed and I always want to stay longer. It makes us learn good things. We have learnt different skills that will make us feel good throughout life.”
– Harris Academy Battersea Pupil, Aged 10

* To meet the individual needs of schools, we are flexible and can offer this as a longer or shorter programme.

Please contact us to learn more about our six week Farming, Family and Therapy programme. Or find out more about our recent work in our 2020/21 impact report below.